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Times Herald Up Close with Deantoni Parks




Deantoni Parks is a machine.

Even when he’s on vacation. Or recently, when he couldn’t return home to Newnan for Thanksgiving, he was working. He feels badly about it, but not really. He knows he’s an artist and understands the sacrifices necessary to succeed — especially in 2013.

“It was such a crazy climb for me, but I understand what it takes,” Parks said. “Most people aren’t willing to get there. I’m amazed that I’m here. That’s how difficult I feel like it is, because I see what I’ve sacrificed.

“Most guys my age have tons of kids. And I love family, I love kids. But I’m an artist. That’s the reality of it. I’m interwoven in something that controls everything I do. Being an artist controls every decision I make, even when it turns out to be the wrong decision. I’m driven that hard.”

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