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Stella Mozgawa(drums),Jenny Lee Lindenberg(bass,vocals), Theresa Wayman(guitar,vocals), And Emily Kokal(guitar,vocals).

Warpaint is an “art rock” based band(according to the wiki) from Los Angeles. The band consists of four women who can jam like no ones business (The names are mentioned below the picture from left to right). The song of the day “Elephants” off the Exquisite Corpses EP, was recorded from 07-08 and released on October 6th 2009 with some help by the Froosh(John Frusciante of The Red Hot Chili Peppers), Josh Klinghoffer (also a member of the present Red Hot Chili Peppers lineup) and Shannyn Sossaman(drummer at the time). I must say that no one should overlook Warpaint, because they are very amazing musicians and deserve everybody’s attention. Their psychedelic sound is what really captured my interest about this band, hopefully you like the song and check out their latest album The Fool released October 25, 2010. Enjoy a stream of the song of the day!

Warpaint - 02 Elephants by mcclaneisgod

(Source: Wikipedia)

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